DOVE Hawkes Bay - Creating communities free from violence and fear    

Support And Advocacy

decisionDOVE Hawkes Bay is committed to ensuring its community is free of violence.  To  support this DOVE provides an advocacy and support service that will assist people who are/have been experiencing violence to manage their day-to-day obligations in a way that meets their needs and their family’s needs.

DOVE Hawkes Bay acknowledges the complexities of relationships and will work with you:

  • To build trust
  • Support you to reach your goals
  • Provide education to understand the impact of violence on your life
  • Understand what a healthy relationship looks like
  • Provide day to day support around life’s challenges
  • Support you when working with other professionals

A qualified Social Worker can:

  • Assist you to work with other providers already working with you and your family
  • Support you in applying for Protection  Orders and in working with lawyers
  • Support you when dealing with the Police around domestic violence
  • Support you at professional meetings