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Men who were sexually abused or assaulted—whether as children or adults—may feel isolated and stigmatized by what happened to them. The truth is that millions of men from around the world have had these experiences.

There is a great deal of strength gained from knowing someone who has walked where you are walking, and now has a life of their choosing.

Making the first step is the hardest

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Confidential listening and support

One on one peer support

Peer group meetings

Family / whanau meetings

We Can Help You

Understand your feelings

Support yourself to heal

Rebuild your trust in others

Connect you with other survivors

Just be here to talk and share

Help you manage your own life’s challenge

A member organisation of the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa New Zealand

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Tautoko Tāne

Making the first step is the hardest

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“Individuals and whanau live safely with integrity and respect.

DOVE Hawkes Bay Mission Statement

DOVE Hawkes Bay is a social service organisation which uses its specialist expertise in addressing violence in families to help individuals and whanau to live safely, respectfully and with dignity.