DOVE Hawkes Bay - Creating communities free from violence and fear    

Programmes & Services



DOVE Women’s Education Programmes

Become informed and empowered by attending our programme. Information, support and skills for healthy and positive relationships.


DOVE Men’s Programme

Strong, well-functioning and non-violent relationships are the foundation of resilient families and whānau. Neglectful, abusive and violent relationships are harmful to all family and whānau members. Found out more about our programmes for men.



Family Centred Social Work

housingline-ft_01DOVE Hawkes Bay wants to see the statistics for family violence decrease, with your acknowledgement and participation we can do this together in partnership. We will be dedicated to ensuring that we work in a non-judgemental way that is supportive, honest and has integrity. This journey together will be family owned and directed.



Support & Advocacy

DOVE Hawkes Bay is committed to ensuring its community is free of violence. To support this DOVE provides an advocacy and support service that will assist people who are/have been experiencing violence to manage their day-to-day obligations in a way that meets their needs and their family’s needs.


Services for Young People

image-childSupport programmes for children and young people who have witnessed family violence. This programme is facilitated by specialist staff and is offered at venues in both Napier and Hastings. The goal of the programme is to assist the young person to express his/her feelings, including feelings of hurt, pain, guilt, shame and isolation in order to assist the young person to deal with the effects of family violence.


Services in Schools

MASSiSS – Multi Agency Support Services in Secondary Schools

Dove Hawkes Bay has a social work based at Flaxmere college. The role of the social worker is to support students and their families who from time to time may be faced with issues that affect their wellbeing or their school work.

Check and Connect Monitoring Project

Youth Workers in Secondary Schools is a four year pilot project the DOVE Hawkes Bay is involved in. Within this four year initiative mentors will “check and connect” with Year 9 or Year 10 students (who have been nominated by their school), their teachers and their caregivers, on a regular basis. The mentors primary focus is to keep the student at school and engaged with learning.