Dove Men's Programme

Strong, well-functioning and non-violent relationships are the foundation of resilient families and whānau.

Neglectful, abusive and violent relationships are harmful to all family and whānau members. They destroy all levels of relationships and can have long-lasting effects on the quality of future relationships. Family violence affects everybody, particularly partners and children; it damages our society and the economy.

The cost of domestic violence is high — you can lose your family, your friends and your self respect.

The hardest thing of all is to admit you have a problem.

Here is your chance to make the first step to making life safer for yourself and your whanau.


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“Individuals and whanau live safely with integrity and respect.

DOVE Hawkes Bay Mission Statement

DOVE Hawkes Bay is a social service organisation which uses its specialist expertise in addressing violence in families to help individuals and whanau to live safely, respectfully and with dignity.