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DOVE Hawke’s Bay – Family Violence Prevention

This year DOVE Hawke’s Bay celebrates 25 years of working to stop, heal and prevent family violence. Working with individuals (men, women and youth) and families; victims and perpetrators; they provide programmes, support and social work to assist people heal from the impact of family violence and develop strategies to have safer, nourishing and enjoyable relationships. DOVE Hawke’s Bay, along with other agencies works to develop communities that say “no” to family violence and “yes” to creating positive and supportive environments.

  • DOVE Hawke’s Bay is approved by Ministry of Social Development as a Level 2 service provider; namely providing high and medium intensity non-care community support services.
  • DOVE Hawke’s Bay has contracts with Ministries of Justice, Education, Social Development (Community Investment), and Department of Corrections to cover the programmes it provides. These services are delivered in the Napier, Hastings and surrounding areas, extending down to Central Hawke’s Bay.
  • DOVE Hawke’s Bay is working in partnership with Kainga Pasifika Services to develop a Pasifika response to the issue of family violence; a service by Pasifika for Pasifika.
  • DOVE Hawke’s Bay also manages, on behalf of the membership, the contract for LIVE HB, a network promoting collaboration in the area of family violence.
  • DOVE Hawke’s Bay is a member of Te Kupenga Whakaoti Mahi Patunga / National Network of Stopping Violence Services; a nation-wide network of community based organisations working to prevent violence and abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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